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Digital currency is an alternative to the usual money, which helps to raise your capital.
According to, Art blocks was developed by one artist, since then the platform has been leading in popularity. The collection sold out in less than an hour.
The main parameter for creating the composition were the seasons depicted by the artist. Each season had its own color and shade.

Platform Popularity

To date, art block has broken all records in terms of popularity. It works according to this principle: the work of artists was combined. Artists work with code instead of brush and canvas. Thanks to the code, the computer will be able to read the necessary programs.

Essence, overview and principle of operation

Art blocks NFT is a new project in the world of digital money. Appeared on the market of fungible tokens. Authors who have paintings, using a unique code, can mint a specific number of works, assemble a collection, and then set their own value for the collection or individual elements of this collection.
Pictures with code can be:

  • Interactive
  • Volumetric with 3D effect
  • Static

Everyone chooses according to their taste and financial capabilities. Once an instance has been minted, it automatically enters the network of non-fungible tokens. After that, the token is exchanged for a fairly well-known cryptocurrency – ethereum. For the fact that the copy is minted, the site usually removes 10 percent as a commission. The author receives 5 percent of the royalties through the same site.The main feature of the platform is that it allows you to turn a non-fungible token into a digital asset, with which you can make various financial transactions to increase your own capital. Such assets can be traded on various platforms, which is another plus in the platform’s piggy bank.

Trading using the platform

Getting a good income using the platform is quite simple. It turns non-fungible tokens into real assets, which are then sold on various trading exchanges.
Those who create unique works are protected by a special protection system that prevents the complete destruction of the picture.

Possible perspectives with the platform

The platform is quite popular in the modern financial market. In addition, the developers are planning to launch a new service soon – to rent out video games. Those who develop these video games are guaranteed to receive a good, stable income. The service is being tested. This platform is a great opportunity for good earnings for creative people with a flight of fancy.

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