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Exchange MXC

MXC is a cryptocurrency platform, which supports most cryptocurrencies, which won the interest of traders. Has been operating since 2018, registered in Singapore.

About the exchange and its capabilities

MXC exchange , characterized by high liquidity and good trading volumes (over $ 570 million per day). It is characterized by high performance, thoughtful safety, super knot. Provides its registered users with trading and the ability to exchange P2P.

The interface is user-friendly and understandable, in 9 languages. There are analyzing charts of exchange rates. Traders can buy, exchange and sell operations with 660 cryptocurrencies and 550 pairs.

MXC – exchange , which provides its traders with the opportunity to work in a mobile application. This gives investors access to trade, trade tracking and analysis wherever they want.

Platform Commissions

For many investors, the issue of commission for the transaction is one of the most important. Mexc exchange has fixed fees (the same for takers and miners). It is 0.2%, which already speaks of the competitiveness of the exchange, since the average figure for world exchanges is 0.25%. But by studying the platform mxc and reviews users, you understand , opportunities, to reduce the commission, they do not have, which is real on other exchange platforms.

You should also take into account the accrual of one more commission – when withdrawing funds. Its size is fixed in MXC. It does not depend on the amount of withdrawn cryptocurrency, but changes depending on its value.

Exchange strengths and weaknesses

Exploring the possibilities, interface exchange mexc and overview trading activity in it, you can highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the platform.

Positive, in comparison with competitors, will be the following:

  • the ability to use over 600 different currencies for trading;
  • additional profit from holding and staking;
  • access to cryptocurrency ETFs;
  • registration is done using an email address or phone number;
  • a well thought-out affiliate program that gives 80% of the invited trader’s deposit.

Comparing interbank exchange MXC with other platforms, its weaknesses this:

  • several commissions without the possibility of reducing them for the user;
  • inability to trade fiat currencies;
  • no MAM / PAMM accounts;
  • mandatory user verification.

MXC is a cryptocurrency exchange ranked 8th in terms of reliability by Coingecko. This is the average. Today, the active trading pair on the platform is Bitcoin, which has reached its maximum trading volume in recent days.

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