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Cool Cats NFT Platform

Cool Cats is a series of tokens that are not interchangeable with each other. The main theme is randomly created cartoon cats. Each token is an illustration of a specific cat.

NFT can also be called a relatively new phenomenon in the world of digital currency, while the platform has already gained a well-deserved popularity among investors and traders.

The abbreviation itself means “non-fungible token”. The tokens themselves exist in the blockchain. Blockchain is a database that can be stored on many computers.

What is the platform

Сool cats nft – a completely new phenomenon, and still not familiar to many. Non-fungible tokens have been around since 2010. The most interesting thing is that they became popular thanks to one game in which it was possible to breed virtual cats. This game won the first place in popularity, and digital pets could be sold. Sales totaled over $ 100,000.

But there is one “but”

Having bought an image, a person does not receive full and unlimited rights to it. The purchaser is considered to be the owner only in the blockchain system. If you bought, for example, a video with a cat, it will be posted on YouTube and anyone can watch it. In addition, anyone can download it to their smartphone, despite the presence of the owner.

Over time, they plan to expand the list of opportunities for token holders. In the meantime, the purchased tokens can only be disposed of in the blockchain system.

Why buy non-fungible tokens

The main reason people buy up in large quantities coolcats – exclusivity. The blockchain stores information that a unique item has been purchased, which is important for collectors. It can be compared to buying an unusual, unique painting that has value.

Main advantages of non-fungible tokens:

  • Uniqueness and exclusivity.
  • Investment opportunity. These tokens can be profitable. According to cool cats nft reviews traders were able to buy tokens at one price, and sell them at another, double, which brought a lot of profit.

The technology market is evolving and does not stand still. Digital currency is becoming more and more popular. Many have managed to raise their capital precisely thanks to the cryptocurrency and the ability to make successful financial transactions. Many people are interested in the question – is there a future for NFT. Of course there is. Today, a lot of investors are interested in collections, unique and unusual images, videos. Cool cats nft is just beginning to develop, but the platform has great potential and has gained popularity.

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