История успеха юного IT-миллионера Вадима Машурова

Вадим Машуров – успешнейший предприниматель в сфере IT в Украине. В он создал один из известнейших проектов Instime,который уже в течении первого полугодия развился до покрытия более чем в 100 стран мира, капитализация проекта достигла семизначной суммы. Сам по себе, Вадим очень сромный парень с невероятными амбициями в сфере бизнеса.
На примере проекта Instime очевидно, что в 2019 году можно только было мечтать о возникшей его популярности. Сегодня же фактически именно он точно отождествляется со словами: «популярность», «успех» и с именем того, кто рискнул. Оправдан ли был риск? Да, проект нашел свою аудиторию и по факту возник своевременно. 

Сам же Вадим Машуров в одном из интервью говорил, что Instime – это проект, который появился вовремя. Он возник ровно тогда, когда в нем уже была необходимость. Ведь он представлял собой не просто нечто банальное, основанное на лайках. А это значит, что, по сути, в каждый определенный момент времени у отличного программиста есть все шансы презентовать миру что-то уникальное, чего не было представлено ранее. Вопрос состоит лишь в том, у скольких опытных специалистов, которые не боятся выгорания, которые трудятся и днем, и ночью есть шанс быть признанными. И здесь очень многое зависит уже от человека!

Что же касается мира IТ, то он многогранен и далеко не все его грани изучены. А значит остается отличный шанс для того, чтобы создавать такие продукты, которые не только будут полезны пользователям, но и в целом принесут немалые доходы своим создателям. Но здесь не обойтись без личностных качеств, таких как: целеустремленность, бесстрашие, любопытство и тяга к знаниям. Далеко не все, кто хотел бы наследовать успех молодого долларового миллионера, готовы ко всем сложностям. Но есть огромные надежды, на то, что современная молодежь не только приблизится к успехам украинского IТ-предпринимателя, но и приложит все усилия, чтобы превзойти их. 

cryptocurrency exchange reviews

FinexBox – multifunctional cryptocurrency exchange

Nowadays, the majority of ordinary traders prefer to do their job on the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance or Coinbase. But somehow everybody is forgetting about smaller and less popular crypto exchanges that may offer better conditions for trading.

So, in this article we will take a closer look at FinexBox exchange: we will determine the pros and the cons of the service and overview the main features.

The background

FinexBox is a centralized P2P exchange launched back in 2018 by HDR Global Trading Limited. This is a pretty young platform with a head office in Hong Kong. However, there is no particular information about the founders or the company’s history, so we can’t judge the service by its past.

The statistics

So, let’s start our FinexBox exchange review by describing the main advantages and disadvantages of FinexBox and providing the main characteristics. First of all, according to CoinMarketCap, the exchange has quite a high volume – around 200 000 000$ (5 000 BTC) goes through the service each day. However, these numbers are slightly decreasing – the service loses its audience.

Nonetheless, 50 000 traders still visit the web-site every day, but that is not high compared to the average on the market. Although, it has pretty good liquidity (k=348).

There are more than 250 cryptocurrency pairs available, but, unfortunately, fiat money is not supported.


The web-site doesn’t have any events or distinctive features – there is nothing superfluous; only trade markets with their statistics. However, there is a margin trading option presented. Also, FinexBox has its own crypto coin – FNB.

Commission fees

The service provides an average commission rate. Trading fees are OK – 0.1% for both the maker and the taker. Surprisingly, deposit is free, but you can’t top up the wallet via credit card.

To withdraw your money, you will have to pay around 0.002 BTC, depending on the cryptocurrency. It is 2x higher than the average for the industry.


Unfortunately, that is the main problem with FinexBox. It has low trust rate on CoinMarketCap (3.3 put of 10) and low rating on other web-sites with the crypto exchanges reviews. That is because of numerous messages about the scam on the platform.

Users share their stories about declined withdrawals and permanently blocked accounts. Also, there were situations when traders weren’t able to withdraw money until the currency rate dropped. Around 60-80% of the reviews and overviews are 1-star rated.

However, a large amount of traders continue to use this service.



  • Volume – 200 000 000$ per 24h
  • 250+ markets
  • Liquidity – 348
  • Daily traffic – 50 000


  • Free deposit
  • 0,1% For trade
  • 0,002 BTC for withdrawal


  • Nothing superfluous
  • Its own crypto token
  • Margin trading


  • No hackers attack registered
  • Scam possibility
  • Low trust rating


Overall, the platform has a bunch of benefits like free deposit and affordable commissions. However, a lot of bad reviews and bad trust rating tell us about the scam possibility. But thousands of traders still do their job on the platform, so if you choose FinexBox, you’ll do it at your own risk.

Latoken exchange reviews

Cryptocurrency exchange Latoken: an overview of the main features

This is a decentralized one-stop marketplace. The interface is available in 5 languages, including English. The design of the site is very simple and at the same time quite informative. There is no adaptation for mobile devices.

Cryptocurrency exchange Latoken is a universal platform for the exchange and purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies and tokens. The exchange trades Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether, TRX, EOS, LA and dozens of other assets. There is no fiat trading on the site. Margin swap trading is available on crypto-to-crypto pairs, as well as perpetual contract trading with leverage.

Latoken review

Latoken exchange has its own referral program with bonus payouts, there is the possibility of passive income through staking, deposits in DeFi coins and investing in developing blockchain projects.

A free listing and the possibility of withdrawing your own project for investment are provided. Trading fees are below the market average of 0.49% for a first level taker/maker with minimal trading volume. Registration here is simple and quick – enter your email, come up with a password and confirm it, confirm the user agreement and verify your mailbox.

Trading interface

The trading terminal has all the necessary tools for trading. There are: order book, transaction history, a convenient chart, a choice of a trading pair (there are 595 of them available, in pairs with BTC, ETH, LA and USDT), a glass of price and a manual panel for placing orders. Orders are limited only. There are no stop-loss and take-profit functions. The commission for trading operations is 0.1%, and for traders trading in a pair with the LA token, a preferential commission of 0.05% of the order size is charged.

Latoken in July 2019 had an average turnover of about $1 billion. per day. It is worth noting that the exchange team is creating a decentralized exchange based on DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) technologies and plans to add the ability to trade stocks, funds, real estate and art objects. Latoken has its own LA token, which is used as the base currency for almost all trading pairs.

Profitable cryptocurrencies for staking

The similarity of the earning process with a bank deposit is due to the freezing of money in the account for a period of 15 days to 2 years. By exchanging them ahead of time, you can lose all profits.

Therefore, it is extremely important to choose a stablecoin that will not cause losses by a sharp drop in value. And this is not every one of the 250+ coins presented on Latoken options. For the security of clients, a 4-level transaction protection system and multi-factor authentication have been developed. Verification is not required and is needed to replenish the account with fiat currency and to withdraw funds over $1000.

For more information about cryptocurrency tokens, please visit http://surftoken.com/

What to expect before you decide to buy Tether

With a market cap of over $60 billion, Tether is currently the third largest cryptocurrency. It is still far behind the market leaders Bitcoin and Ethereum, but well ahead of several popular coins, including:

  • Cardano
  • Dogecoin
  • XRP

It is also easy to find as you can buy it from most of the leading cryptocurrency apps and exchanges.
Unlike other cryptocurrencies, the price of Tether usually remains stable at $1. This means that investing in Tether is not like investing in a regular cryptocurrency.

Tether is a stablecoin pegged to the US dollar

A stablecoin is a cryptocurrency pegged to another asset. Many stablecoins, including Tether, are pegged to the US dollar. It is supposed to be of equal value, with 1 Tether being worth $1.
Because Tether’s price is designed to reflect the dollar, it’s not the type of cryptocurrency you buy and hold in the hope that the price will rise.
It can be used to buy cryptocurrencies, transfer money, or earn interest.
Tether may not be suitable as a cryptocurrency investment, but it has several other uses. Here are the most common reasons for buying it:

  • Buying other cryptocurrencies: Transferring money from a bank account to a crypto exchange can take several days. If you want to keep funds in your account in order to buy cryptocurrency without waiting, you can buy Tether. You then simply use your Tether to make a purchase.
  • Money transfer: If you want to send money between exchanges or crypto wallets,Tether is a good option. You can use it to transfer money between your own exchange accounts or send money to another person. Tether does not charge any fees for transactions between Tether wallets (although there are standard blockchain fees).
  • Earning Interest: Some crypto exchanges pay interest if you lend your cryptocurrency, and you can earn 25% interest by lending coins. The advantage of Tether is that its value should not fluctuate. With most cryptocurrencies, you can earn interest, but you can still lose money if the price of the cryptocurrency you are lending drops.

Tether may seem safe as it is a stablecoin, but there are reasons to be wary of it. The company that produces it, Tether Limited, does not have the best reputation.
The main problem is its reliability. Tether Limited previously claimed that each Tether was backed by $1. Later it turned out that it was a lie. In March 2021, Tether Limited published information about its reserves, which showed that only 2.9% of Tether was backed by cash.

Art blocks NFT – platform overview

Digital currency is an alternative to the usual money, which helps to raise your capital.
According to https://www.atlantatoken.com/, Art blocks was developed by one artist, since then the platform has been leading in popularity. The collection sold out in less than an hour.
The main parameter for creating the composition were the seasons depicted by the artist. Each season had its own color and shade.

Platform Popularity

To date, art block has broken all records in terms of popularity. It works according to this principle: the work of artists was combined. Artists work with code instead of brush and canvas. Thanks to the code, the computer will be able to read the necessary programs.

Essence, overview and principle of operation

Art blocks NFT is a new project in the world of digital money. Appeared on the market of fungible tokens. Authors who have paintings, using a unique code, can mint a specific number of works, assemble a collection, and then set their own value for the collection or individual elements of this collection.
Pictures with code can be:

  • Interactive
  • Volumetric with 3D effect
  • Static

Everyone chooses according to their taste and financial capabilities. Once an instance has been minted, it automatically enters the network of non-fungible tokens. After that, the token is exchanged for a fairly well-known cryptocurrency – ethereum. For the fact that the copy is minted, the site usually removes 10 percent as a commission. The author receives 5 percent of the royalties through the same site.The main feature of the platform is that it allows you to turn a non-fungible token into a digital asset, with which you can make various financial transactions to increase your own capital. Such assets can be traded on various platforms, which is another plus in the platform’s piggy bank.

Trading using the platform

Getting a good income using the platform is quite simple. It turns non-fungible tokens into real assets, which are then sold on various trading exchanges.
Those who create unique works are protected by a special protection system that prevents the complete destruction of the picture.

Possible perspectives with the platform

The platform is quite popular in the modern financial market. In addition, the developers are planning to launch a new service soon – to rent out video games. Those who develop these video games are guaranteed to receive a good, stable income. The service is being tested. This platform is a great opportunity for good earnings for creative people with a flight of fancy.

Bilaxy cryptocurrency exchange and its features

At the moment, many people are guided by various cryptocurrency exchanges, and this gives a good opportunity to receive quite high incomes in a short period of time. Such organizations are becoming more in demand on a global scale, as they have modern functionality and provide significant opportunities for the target audience. This allows clients to:

  • increase the return on investment;
  • expand the range of investment;
  • increase own assets, etc.

About the exchange

It should be noted that the Bilaxy exchange, which was registered in 2019, acts as a very functional service for trading cryptocurrencies. On this platform, you can trade not only common cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin and ether, but also other altcoins and tokens. It should be emphasized that there are no fiat funds on this exchange that are offered to clients on other sites.
For Bilaxy 2, the TradingView system is provided, which acts as a trading terminal. It is noteworthy that, based on it, an application was created that can be used in mobile trading. It should be emphasized that the exchange does not provide investment solutions to clients, and it is also impossible to open a demo account. However, one should not exclude the possibility that this will not happen after a certain period of time.
Bilaxi is an exchange that does not state a minimum deposit requirement, and the registration process along with verification is standard.Additional earnings include a referral program, presented in a single-level version. As for the minimum commissions directly, they are at the same level – 0.2%. This circumstance applies not only to takers, but also to makers.
Today, Bilaxy trade is an excellent opportunity for the client audience to earn good money, if you are serious about the investment risk management system. For example, if you buy mina, bilaxy allows you to get good returns in a very short period of time.

Exchange prospects

As many experts in the field of cryptocurrency trading note, the Bilaxy exchange, which is reviewed on various sites in the global network, has excellent prospects in terms of competitiveness and development. At the same time, the management of this organization is making every effort to ensure that it is equipped with modern tools for trading cryptocurrencies. In general, this exchange is a modern platform to trade and earn extra money.

Axie Infinity Digital Universe

Currently, you can earn money not only on cryptocurrency mining, especially since this is a rather laborious process. To start, you need to purchase special equipment, set it up, and you also constantly need to look for profitable coins, periodically exchange them on the exchange. But you can use simpler options, one of which is the Axie Infinity platform. This is an NFT game that allows you to earn tokens, and also thanks to it you can contribute to the ecosystem.
Outwardly, this is a cartoon game about fantastic animals, but in fact it is a social platform and a work network. It has a nice graphic design, interesting gameplay. The site allows you to have a good time and at the same time earn money. But before you start using the Axie Infinity platform, you should make an overview of it, familiarize yourself with the main features.


Axie Infinity Platform is a turn-based blockchain card game where players fight against monsters and other players. And for these purposes, the mythical little animals Axie are used. This is a real digital universe, which has its own economy, game strategies, earnings of SLP and AXS tokens. But it also has a variety of leisure options.
Initially, the game may seem easy, simple. But at a higher level, you will need to think through your combinations a few steps ahead. And also, do not forget about the opponent’s cards, because their combinations can disrupt all plans.Axie Infinity marketplace provides a wide variety of Axie animals, they have different skills, and each player can choose a team for himself and his play style.
The Axie Infinity ecosystem has its own token called the Axie Infinity Shard (AXS). It is under ERC-20, and was released in November 2020. AXS tokens can be bought, exchanged, earned, and for this it is enough just to take part in the game. And the best players of each season receive rewards in the form of AXS ecosystem tokens.

Main parameters

On the Axie Infinity platform, each player has a team of fantastic animals. Each Axie is an ERC-721 NFT token with characteristics that define its role on the battlefield. And among them are:

  • HP. This parameter reflects the maximum health of Axie;
  • SPEED. The criterion determines the speed of the character of the game, the turn of his move;
  • SKILL. A skill or skill used to determine bonus damage from combo attacks;
  • MORALE. Morale is used to determine the critical hit, the probability of entering the “Last Stand” mode, the number of bars in the “Last Stand” mode.

All players, namely the characters that make up the team, are divided into classes on the Axi Infinity platform – reptiles, plants, water creatures, birds, animals, insects. And each species has certain abilities and skills.

Cryptocurrency exchange Vindax

General information

Cryptocurrency exchange under the Vindax brand – and its own cryptocurrency project (native token or vindax coin VD) was launched in March 2019. The founders and developers of this trading platform are traders from Vietnam (Vietnam).
The Vindax crypto exchange is a modern crypto-platform for the network exchange of digital assets among various participants – from private investors to financial corporations. In fact, this is a “decentralized cryptocurrency ecosystem”. Crypto platform Vindax also introduced a functional coin (token) designed to facilitate financial settlement transactions for traders using convenient tools. Also, the vindax platform was formed taking into account the offer of such functions as trading and data analytics, investing, an integrated trading system with built-in signals – alerts for entry and exit points to trading positions.
The vindax exchange trading platform offers trading in a large number of crypto-currencies (more than 160 crypto-currency pairs). As for liquidity, Windax shows very impressive trading volumes. The 24-hour trading volume of Vindax (as of December 27, 2021) is $173.7 million. The Vindax crypto exchange platform is also fully compatible with OS (operating systems) such as IOS, Android, Mac. and Windows. This means that no matter what computer or mobile phone a trader or investor uses, they can trade on this platform.The commission for depositing and withdrawing user money from vindax is competitive. Vindax charges a withdrawal fee of 0.005 BTC. This is almost 40% lower than in the global crypto industry.
The vindax platform does not require an initial deposit to start using its trading platform. The only caveat is that all operational settlements are carried out only in cryptocurrency.

Arguments for and against using a trading platform

The vindax exchange platform has the following positive aspects:

  • on it you can trade almost all popular crypto-currencies from military-technical cooperation to “Doge coins” such as Shiba – Inu, etc.
  • round the clock trading schedule
  • operational customer support, which works through the appropriate Telegram channel
  • no requirement for a minimum client deposit
  • relatively low commission in the trading system.

Negative points:

  • the inability to withdraw and deposit funds to the trading platform through fiat currencies.

Summarizing what has been said, the Vindax crypto exchange review, which was given in this article, we can conclude that this site can be used as an alternative crypto trading platform, even for beginners. Moreover, the vindax exchange reviews, which are mostly positive, have so far established itself as a relatively reliable crypto-financial project.

The mayor of Rio de Janeiro plans to invest 1% of the city budget in bitcoin

The mayor of Rio de Janeiro plans to invest 1% of the city budget in bitcoin

Mayor Eduardo Paez announced a plan to invest 1% of the city’s treasury in bitcoin at the Innovation Week conference in Rio, during a conversation with Miami Mayor Francis Suarez.

“We are going to launch Crypto Rio and invest 1% of the budget in bitcoin,” said Paes.

Paez stated that while Miami positions itself as the U.S. cryptocurrency hub, Rio aims to become the South American center of the digital asset industry.

“Rio de Janeiro has what it takes to be the tech capital of South America. Events such as the Innovation Week in Rio de Janeiro are designed to reinforce the city’s image as an ideal place to work, live and innovate,” he added.

It is important to note that Rio’s economy is one of the largest in the Latin American region and one of the fastest growing in the world.

In addition to investing in bitcoin, Mayor Páez has announced plans to provide a 10% tax rebate with bitcoin. Last year, the mayor of Miami announced similar intentions.

In November 2021, Congressman Luis Gularte Alves proposed a bill allowing public and private sector workers to be paid in bitcoin.

Samsung opens 837 flagship store in the Decentraland metaverse

Samsung opens 837 flagship store in the Decentraland metaverse

Samsung Electronics America entered the metaverse world by announcing the launch of a virtual version of its flagship physical store 837 in Decentraland. It is impossible to buy anything in the physical store 837. The store displays the brand’s ecosystem in the form of a home interior with zones from the front door to the bathroom.

To celebrate the launch of the virtual division of Samsung 837X, a theater called “Connectivity Theater” will open where users can watch the Samsung Consumer Electronics Show.

Guests will also be invited to take part in quests that will give you the opportunity to get NFT badges, as well as three rare wardrobe items: sneakers, a helmet and a jacket. Winners will be announced on January 7th.

“The Metaverse enables us to transcend physical and spatial constraints to create a unique virtual experience that could not have been otherwise,” said Michelle Crossan-Matos, Senior Vice President, Corporate Marketing and Communications, Samsung Electronics America.