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Zenft Garden Society is a platform featuring limited-edition NFT art

Zenft Garden Society has been around for less than a year. On June 1, 2021, the first transaction of the collection of augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) was recorded on the Internet, which, according to the authors of the resource, will not be sold on a large scale. The 8888 Bonsai Series sets a new benchmark for quality Inn FT collectibles.

Beyond Zen art and original themes, Zenft Garden Society is unique in its new approach and team goals: we intend to create a community with a focus on mental health, philanthropy and mindfulness. The platform’s creators are confident that their digital art will stand the test of time as a truly historic networking project.

In the future, Zenft Garden Society has developed the “Eternal Garden” project, as well as an ERC-20 token called $ Water, which allows to improve existing NFTs. Current owners of NFT Culture can see in near real time how this project is progressing and how the wider community perceives it.

Unique digital garden

The official Zenft Garden Society website sells 8,888 unique, beautiful Ethereum-based NFT bonsai modestly designed to appease their online users.

The first 8,888 bonsai tree with Zen Garden sold out in 58 minutes 38 seconds. At the moment, the original bonsai tree and zen garden is no longer sold on the official website. They can only be purchased on the secondary market.

Many users have made multiple purchases as low entry costs and low gas fees, along with visually appealing artwork, forced people to buy back all items for sale.

Adopting a bonsai grants membership to the Zen-FT Gardens Society, which grants access to special giveaways, unique rewards, merchandise, and metaverse locations.

Every user who purchases from Zenft Garden Society owns the commercial rights to their bonsai and receives an AR model to view and share.

References to the project in the press

Following its overwhelming success in mid-2021, the following media reported on the Zenft Garden Society bonsai project:



NFT Culture.

The artwork is supplied with full commercial rights. In addition to club membership and the above benefits, 8% of all proceeds are promised to be donated to charities: through Campesina. This extra is a great benefit to owning one of the trees that care about your peace of mind.

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